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26 February 2006 @ 07:44 pm
one of the most common questions  
Ah, this post is public. Wow, how long has it been since I made a public post? Good question. And one that is not even biased. I'm on a roll here~!

Okay then. One of the most common questions that seems to be popping up a lot more often these days is "What's a Mary Sue?". A simple question which has a fairly complex answer. Thank you to Sadie who has helped me to write this [since she designs almost every single one of the characters in the stories].

MARY SUE: A Mary Sue is often described in one word: perfect. Her hair is beautiful, her makeup is never messed up, her eyes twinkle and sparkle in dark rooms, and she is not fat but eats like a horse. She can do no wrong, and when she does, she is instantly redeemed since everyone knows it was just an accident. She has the strongest power out of all the cyborgs and is not afraid to flaunt it openly. She steals the glory. And you know?
She's only fourteen, at the top of the Varsity squad, with forty boyfriends waiting for her to ditch the current model.
Authors often create Sues with visions of what they want. For example, a girl who is a social outcast would make herself into the most popular girl in school and the best-looking. She would be traumatized by becoming a cyborg, and instantly, the author decides to give her a nice, tragic past so she can angst and brood about it. The Sue is ready made with a few guns in each of her fingers and toes, a fire-spewing sword, and an acceleration switch that lets her get up to around mach ten. And of course, what am I forgetting? Oh yeah, her zero-zero number. Excuse me, but there were only THIRTEEN ZERO-ZERO CYBORGS [well, fourteen...no, fifteen, if you count the duplicates of 0010 and 0013]. And let's face it: everyone loves her, everyone but Francoise. Joe ditches her for the new and more beautiful model. Francoise goes into depression and commits suicide, but no one notices.
Sues are always cyborgs. This gives them the perfect angst opening for Jet, Albert, and Joe to rush to her side and comfort her. And she will always have an acceleration switch in one of her teeth. Of course, she will be commander in chief from the moment she wakes up in the Dolphin after fighting the cyborgs under BG, but having been successfully won over, she joins. The originals are no longer hunted - she is. Often times she dies by sacrificing herself to save the guy she loves, but is revived by some mysterious thing and gets married to said cyborg.
In short, she can give you the stomach flu by flashing her teeth at you and giggling her big boobies up and down a few times.

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