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27 February 2006 @ 03:52 pm
another guide to spotting  
Oy, today was rainy and cold. I felt like I needed a laugh, so I decided to go ahead and describe the classic Sue-thor - that is, an author who writes Sues. Do enjoy.

SUE-THOR - Short for "Mary Sue author". According to her, she can do no wrong. In her perfect world, we all worship her Sue night and day. Sadly, all we really want is to gouge our eyes out with sporks every time she decides to flash another boob at us. You may be wondering how people like this get reviewed. It's pretty simple if you think about it. All she does is get her real-life friends to join the site, and she goes from there.
Of course, the frist time she is flamed, she believes that the entire world must stop and let her recover. Someone not like her character? WHAT? THAT'S CRAZY! She goes out of her way to try and insult her flamer, yet her flamer merely laughs and says to bring it on. The wrong thing to do here is to say "oh, I'm so sorry". At this stage, you should opt to instead give her some good concrit.
But more about her, herself. Her bio will be all about her real life. She believes that her real age is a terrible thing to reveal, and yet her name's the best one. She has all sorts of inside jokes posted, as well as her favorite foods and colors. All sorts of irrelevant shit.
And that's all I can think of right now.
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