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30 April 2006 @ 11:31 am



Talk about your general disregard for the english language! Geeze...you know, there is a reason WHY you don't make sequels with Mary Sues in them.


If you can't make it there, then I've decided to burn this....


Skool makes you sooper smart


What would happen if 002, 003, 009, 0014, and 0015 went back to school? Well, this is what I think would happen!
Cyborg 009 - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 982 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 4-27-06 - Published: 4-27-06

She can't even spell the title right! [I don't know if it's just a shot at BAD humor, or if she really was serious...]

Alright! New story! Ok, so here’s what’s happening:

What if the cyborg gang, 009, 002, 003, 0014, and 0015 were sent to a co-ed boarding school, with 004, 005, 001, 006,007, 008, and Dr. Gilmore living in town? What if someone who knew 0014 and 0015 went to this school? Read on to find out!


“WHAT! YOU CAN’T SEND US TO BOARDING SCHOOL!” Jet yelled. the cyborg gang were sitting in Dr. Gilmore’s living room after hearing the news.

“Yes 002. You, 009, 003, 0014, and 0015 will go to boarding school. I have already enrolled you five and you will start very soon. You will go to two different schools only 2 blocks away. You will live there as freshmen.” Dr. Gilmore stated.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pause, rewind, play,” Brittany pushed emaginary buttons in the air, “what do you mean, go to boarding school? If you haven’t already noticed, we’re 18! How are we going to go to boarding school when we’re to young to!” Brittany threw her hands up in the air and threw herself down on the couch beside Chalsy and Jet. They stared at Dr. Gilmore.

Albert stepped from the spot on the wall where he stood beside Joe. “Dr. Gilmore, I think Brittany’s right. How will they go to boarding school when they’re to old to go.”

Dr. Gilmore sighed. He didn’t want to explain this till later, but he had to now. “I’ve created a device that can make a person, any person at all, any age they want to.” The cyborgs stared at him in amazement.

“How will we know if it works?” asked Françoise. Dr. Gilmore looked at her and smiled. “Well my dear, that’s we’re I will explain that right now. 001, will you come in here please?” All of a sudden, a young man came in the room. Françoise gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. The young man looked about 18 or 17.

“I-Ivan?” Françoise whispered. The young man smiled and nodded. Françoise gasped and smiled. “That’s right.” the cyborgs smiled. “Solo, does this mean that Ivan’s coming with us to boarding school?” Jet asked.

Dr. Gilmore shook his head. “No. Ivan will stay here with me and the rest of the group. Only you, Brittany, Chalsy, Joe, and Françoise will go to boarding school.”

“So...when will we go?” Brittany said, breaking the silence.

Dr. Gilmore smiled. he knew she would say something to lighten the mood. “We will make each of you 14 again, and then you will each attend 2 different schools. Brittany, Chalsy, and Françoise, you will attend St. Timothy’s school for girls. Jet and Joe, you will attend St. Peter’s School for boys (I just made the second school up. There really is a St. Timothy’s school for girls). The rest of us will buy a house and live there if you need any help.” Everyone smiled.

“Ok, so now that we’re here, what do we do now?” Chalsy asked as she followed Brittany and Françoise.

”Well, I researched their website on the way here, we should go to the front desk and get our rooms. Dr. Gilmore pulled some strings, so we are in the same room.” Brittany explained. Chalsy sighed. “I wonder how the boys are getting along.”

Meanwhile at St. Peter’s

“Man Joe, where the hell are we? It seem’s like we’ve been walking for hours,” Jet complained. He stopped walking and dropped his luggage. Joe stopped in front of him and sighed. He let go of his luggage also. He REALLY didn’t want to explain it to jet again. “Well, for the thousandth time, we’ve only been walking for 15 minutes. I hate to tell you this, but, you’re out of shape.” Jet scowled at him, for the thousandth time.

“I wonder how the girls are doing,” Jet mumbled.

Meanwhile at St. Timothy’s

“Are you done YET?” Chalsy said. Brittany had already sighed up for field hockey, basketball, and volleyball, and track. Chalsy had only signed up for field hockey, tennis, and volleyball. Françoise had only signed up for field hockey, volleyball, and dance, go figure.

Brittany sighed and looked back at the two girls. Chalsy looked the same as she remembered. Françoise looked like she did before, but only shorter, and younger.

“We’re almost there. Just keep walking ok? And don’t ask me again, OK?” Brittany said with her teeth clenched together. They were really getting on her nerves.

“You said that 15 minutes ago,” Françoise snapped. She normally wouldn’t talk like this, but she had been in a car for 2 hours and then on a plane for 6 hours and then she’d been walking for another hour. So in all, she’d been cranky and tired all day fro 9 hours in all. and man was she tired. And Brittany making them walk all over campus didn’t help at all.

“Joe, please tell me we’re almost there,” Jet panted.

Joe clenched his teeth and hissed, “Ask me one more time and I’ll send you back to Dr. Gilmore and let Albert kill you, or I’ll do it myself.” Jet didn’t know Joe could talk like that, much less threaten like that. So to save his life, he shut up.

Just 5 more minutes...Just 5 more minutes Brittany said in her head. Just 5 more minutes.

Only 5 more minutes...Only 5 more minutes Joe said to himself in his head. Only 5 more minutes.

5 more minutes till we get there. And when we do, I’m going to call Albert and chew him out, Brittany hissed in her mind.

5 more minutes and this is all over. Brittany and Joe thought. Just 5 more minutes.


All right. I hope you like the story so far. It will get better soon. R+R please, but no flames please

So what's your take on it?

I think I should hold trial on this one...
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Mystical Magical Marvelous Mika!mika0021 on May 10th, 2006 01:08 am (UTC)
*singing* a trial we will have, an author we will stab, hi ho the merry oh, a sue we will kill~!